BeadBug™ 6 Position Homogenizer

BeadBug 6 utilizes a three dimensional shaking motion to disrupt samples. Fast efficient bead homogenization. the BeadBug 6 can simultaneously process up to six samples in 2.0ml tubes. With optional adapters,the unit will also accept two 5.0ml tubes. A full range of bead materials and sizes are available in both prefilled tubes and in bulk to meet all your sample processing needs

Speed Range:

4.0 to 7.0 m/s (0.05 m/s increments)

D1031-01 = Standard Glass Beads, Ø: 0.1mm


6 x 2.0ml or 2 x 5.0ml*

D1031-05 = Standard Glass Beads, Ø: 0.5mm

Cycle Time:

1 to 90 sec. (up to 90 sec.)

D1031-10 = Standard Glass Beads, Ø:1.0mm

Pause between cycles::

0 to 90 sec. (1 sec. increments)

D1032-01 = Triple-Pure High Impact Zirconium Beads, Beads, Ø: 0.1mm

Max, cycles per program::


D1032-05 = Triple-Pure Hig Impact Zirconium Beads, Beads, Ø: 0.5mm

Program Memorys::

up to 50

D1034-28 = Stainless Steel (Acid-Washed) beads, Ø:2.8mm

Noise Level::

<65 db

D1034-MX = Mixed format for soil


8.6 x 14 x 8 in.

D1032-SK = Triple-Pure High Impact Zirconium Beads, Beads, Starter Kit, 10 each of Ø: 0.1. 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 3.0mm


22 x 35.5 x 20.5 cm

D1032-30 = Triple-Pure High Impact Zirconium Beads, Beads, Ø: 3.0mm


20 lbs /9kg



Two Years



100 to 240V, 50-60Hz