TopoGen is a research diagnostics company that provides innovative products and services for researchers working with topoisomerases and engaged in mechanism based drug discovery and development. The company was created by topo research active scientists who understand the needs and the restraints placed on other cancer researchers or those working in areas peripheral to topoisomerases. Top-selling products include:

-Drug Screening Kits to identify topoisomerase active drugs for use in cancer chemotherapy and antibacterial applications
-Assay Kits for assaying prokaryotic and eukaryotic topoisomerases (type I, II, IV, gyrase), both in vitro and in vivo
-A complete line of DNA substrates and DNA cleavage targets, topoisomerase inhibitors, topoisomerase antibodies, and kit replenishment reagents

Our cell based (in vivo) screens for detecting topoisomerase I and II poisons in the context of the cancer cell represents the new gold standard for identification of novel anti cancer agents.

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Popular products of TopoGen