About Us

Allied Scientific Products was initiated as a company dealing with Consumables in 1991. It has made great strides and has shown a persistent increase in sales over the years and gradually become a company to cater both the sector for Consumables & Instruments

Due to expansion of customer base we felt it was necessary to float another company so our service to the customers remains at the highest level. Thus, to complement the activities of Allied Scientific Products, Technolab Scientific Company was started.

We are dedicated to cater to the custom needs of our loyal clients with a motto “ We shall do what is possible and We have to do what is impossible “ as we believe that there is no Problem without a Solution.

Our consistent increase in performance is credited to the undiminishing loyalty; our esteemed customers have extended to us. We are thankful to them and at the same time assure them of better service each time. We have always made efforts so that your experience with us is fruitful and pleasant.

As a trader our strength lies in showing you the advantages & disadvantages of the products as we have brought both the competitive companies under one roof, thus helping you make the final choice... quicker & faster.

We are not a market driven company but a customer driven one, so we choose the goods looking at the user.