BeadBug™ 3 Position Homogenizer

The BeadBug™ is a high energy benchtop homogenizer that sets the performance standard for personal sized cell disruption and lysis instruments. Has a speed range 2700 to 4000 rpm. Simultaneous homogenization of up to 3 samples takes place (often within 45 seconds) inside the disposable 2ml screw cap microtubes. Developed for samples too tough to be homogenized in a common lab vortexer, the BeadBug provides a convenient and economical alternative to the traditional, over-priced homogenizers on the market today. With up to three tube capacity and a foot print of just 7 x 8".

Speed Range:

2700 to 4000rpm

D1031-01 = Standard Glass Beads, Ø: 0.1mm


3 x 2.0ml (Screw Cap / Non-Skirted)

D1031-05 = Standard Glass Beads, Ø: 0.5mm


3 sec. to 3 min.

D1031-10 = Standard Glass Beads, Ø:1.0mm


6.9 x 8.3 x 5.3 in.

D1032-01 = Triple-Pure High Impact Zirconium Beads, Beads, Ø: 0.1mm


17 x 21 x 13.5 cm

D1032-05 = Triple-Pure Hig Impact Zirconium Beads, Beads, Ø: 0.5mm


5 lbs / 2.2kg

D1033-28 = Stainless Steel (Acid-Washed) beads, Ø:2.8mm


Two Years