biostep GmbH was founded by Mr. Heiko Mixtacki, Dipl.-Ing., in June 1997. At the beginning, biostep mainly dealt with analytic radioactivity measuring technology and bio-imaging systems. Over the years, the main focus shifted into the direction of biotechnology.
Today, biostep is Your Specialist for PCR, Electrophoresis and Bio-Imaging.
Due to systematic research and development activities, we are now able to produce a variety of our articles in a production of our own, among others
  • transilluminators
  • bio-imaging systems
  • laboratory devices
  • electrophoresis units and accessories
In 2004, the development and production area as well as the warehouse therefore moved from the only building in the Meinersdorfer Str. 47 A in Jahnsdorf near Chemnitz (Saxony) to a nearby commercial property in the Alte Stollberger Str. 13 in the same village.
We can offer our national and international customers a broad, high-quality and innovative product line at fair prices. As a medium-sized company, we attach much importance to quality, flexibility as well as professional support and advice of our customers.
We see our duty just in the continuous further development of the products, particularly in the integration of trend-setting technologies as well as in the education and further education of our employees. The qualification and the engagement of our employees is an essential guarantor for our present and future success.
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